29 June, 2008

In Memory of Bjarne Nielsen

Bjarne Nielsen, died Wednesday February 27, 2008 from a heart attack at the age of 66.

Bjarne Nielsen was the owner and the founder of Bjarne pipes. After a MBA degree from the University of Copenhagen and a career in the Danish Foreign Service the company was founded in 1973 and it is probably Denmark's largest pipe manufacturer of 100% hand made pipes. Each Bjarne pipe is formed on a lathe and as a consequence, there are no model numbers. Each and every pipe is totally hand made and individual.

I had the chance to meet Mr. Nielsen at one of the MAPS meetings in Memphis a few years ago. And he looked to me like Santa Claus, he was short and round with a brilliant white beard and was so joyful. He seemed like one of the boys, even in another country he could be just another guy. But he was an artist whom I admired and respected and was put at a loss for words to find that he had passed. He will be greatly missed not just by me but my the many whom had met and gotten to know him.

God bless you Bjarne, you will be missed.
"indtil vi mødes igen."

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