12 November, 2008

Ralph Inbar

Ralph Inbar was a Dutch television director and producer.

Ralph Inbar was born in The Hague as the son of German- Jewish Fritz Kamp and the Dutch-Jewish Engelina Troostwijk. His original name was Ralf Jacob Kamp, but in Israel he took the surname Inbar ("amber").

Inbar survived the Second World War in hiding and then spent his childhood largely in homes. After high school he went to Israel and in 1963 the Academy of Jerusalem. This was followed by more film school of Paris . He returned in 1964 returned to the Netherlands. He began working as a director for the VARA . He has directed include the live shows of Rudi Carrell . Also, he directed a program of Sonja Barend , whom he married on December 5, 1968. The marriage lasted three years.

In 1968 he settled back in Israel, where he helped establish the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA), at the time the first and only long-time television in this country.

Since 1972 Ralph Inbar was employed by the TROS. Except Banana Split that in the late eighties was good for five million viewers per show, he made programs like Music All In , Fenklup, Take 2, Self Portrait and TV Masque . For TV Masque he received in 1992 a Golden Rose at the television festival in Montreux.

He was a welcome guest in the Israeli parallel program of Banana Split, which also fragments of Dutch programs are exceptions. In 1999 he was artistic director of the Eurovision Song Contest in Jerusalem , which had come to Israel by the gain of Dana International .

Inbar died at the age of 65 at a hospital in Hamburg where he had undergone a heart operation two months earlier. He was buried on 19 March 2004 in Israel.

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