13 February, 2009

Jean-Toussaint Desanti

Jean-Toussaint Desanti was a philosopher of French origin born on Corsica 8 October 1914 in Ajaccio and died on 20 January 2002.

It is primarily a philosopher of mathematics. His masterpiece, The ideality mathematics, research on the epistemological development of the theory of functions of real variables, seems to Threshold in 1968.

It is also distinguished by its research on the phenomenology, it publishes Introduction to phenomenology by Gallimard in 1976. It offers a fresh phenomenology of Husserl and the central concept of ego.

Jean-Toussaint Desanti taught philosophy to teacher training colleges in rue d'Ulm and St. Cloud and the Sorbonne. He took students to Michel Foucault and Louis Althusser, which has strongly influenced the political commitment and leadership including the doctoral thesis of State of Jacques Derrida (1980) and that of Souleymane Bachir Diagne.

He gave many interviews where he explains his design philosophy. For him, a philosopher is a "gambler", ie he must surrender Thursday in its knowledge, ideas, every time, playing all out like a poker player.

Resistance, activism, intellectual, trail lovers, it is all in on Freedom loves us still, a book of dialogues in which his partner Dominique Desanti him and confide in Roger-Pol Droit.

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