14 February, 2009

Robert Escarpit

Escarpit Robert was an academic, journalist and writer French.

He spent his childhood and adolescence in Gironde. At eighteen, he must pursue their studies. He made English, by necessity rather than interest. Normalien, Associate English, Doctor of Humane Letters. It advocates the SFIO in the time of the Popular Front. He is a professor in the School of Arcachon (Gironde) from 1943 to 1945. Professor Emeritus, a specialist in English literature, he is the author of fifty books, divided between literary and sociological essays and novels. Involved in the Resistance, he will participate in 1945, fighting in the Médoc with the Brigade Carnot.

After the war, he was Secretary General and Director of the French Institute of Latin America to Mexico. He taught English, then a professor of comparative literature at the Faculty of Arts de Bordeaux (1951 - 1970) and creator of the Center of Sociology of the literature in 1960 (later Institute of Literature and artistic techniques of mass: ILTAM) . Banknotes of the World, literary critic for many magazines, founder of the journalism IUT de Bordeaux (1970 - 1975). He was President of the University of Bordeaux III (1975 - 1978). Meanwhile, he directed from 1958 the laboratory of information science and communication, attached to the CNRS. He was the author of tickets that each day appear on the front page of the World as well as numerous books, both scholarly and sometimes humorous.

He was editor of the Canard Enchainé during the Algerian war. Traveling companion of the PCF, Escarpit Robert became the Aquitaine Regional Council (1986 - 1992) and municipal adviser on lists of the PCF. Co-founder of "Friends Franco-Albanian" and director of "Albania", he maintained until after the Stalinist regime in Tirana. He was a columnist for the Morning in 1983, then South-West Sunday.

Author of a Summary of English Literature (1953), Sociology of Literature (1958), the book of Revolution (1965) he received in 1960 the price of humor to paint fresh. He has published several novels, including Jeune Homme et la nuit (1980), a serious and lyrical, and a beautiful day to die (1992).

In 1953, with the approval of the Director of the company of "Bateaux Mouches" in Paris, Robert Escarpit wrote a biography of Jean-Sébastien Mouche, which he is both the collaborator of Baron Haussmann, the inventor of boats and the creator of a corps of inspectors of the specialized police intelligence, "cookies".

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