26 May, 2012

Josephus Antonius van Kemenade

Josephus Antonius van Kemenade is a Dutch politician .

Jos van Kemenade, originally a Catholic , was a member of the Labor Party member of parliament , minister and commissioner of the Queen . On 5 April 2002 he was appointed Minister of State . He is the son of Mary Everardus Albertus van Kemenade and Margaret Obee.

Prof. Dr. Van Kemenade was professor of educational sociology at Nijmegen, when Joop den Uyl him to The Hague in 1973 took to the education portfolio in his new form government for its expense.

Once on the government plush, Van Kemenade emerged into a true creative, but also much criticized minister. He formulated plans for the so-called Middle school and encouraged the mother secondary school and the Open University as a second-chance education.

In the period 1978-1981 he was member of parliament and group secretary, and he launched an extensive private member with respect to adult .

In 1981 he became minister again, this time in the cabinet Van Agt II . He was regarded then as the 'Crown Prince' of Joop den Uyl .

After leaving national politics, he became university administrator, mayor of Eindhoven (1988-1992) and Queen's Commissioner in England (1992-2002).

He is Minister of State . He was most recently, between 2005 and 2009, active as chairman of the Council for Public Administration . By 1 July 2009 , he succeeded as such by Jacques Wallage .

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