25 May, 2012

Professor H.C.J. Duijker

Hubert ("Bert") Carl John Duijker was one of the first professors of psychology at the University of Amsterdam .

Bert Duijker was born an only child, son of a religious teacher and went first to the Reformed school in Amsterdam and then to study philosophy at the Municipal University in his much admired HJ Pos . As a minor he did psychology at the then only professor in that discipline, G. Revesz . In 1937 he did his master's degree and was assistant Revesz. In 1946 he was promoted on the topic Language and psychological reality. Extralingual elements in the speech, he was first appointed as curator of the Psychological Laboratory in 1950 and to full professor in experimental psychology. After saying goodbye to Revesz, he became director of the Psychological Laboratory for many years was housed in the two canal houses on the Keizersgracht, which now - after an internal renovation - the photography museum FOAM is located. Duijker remained except the psychology originally the philosophy of faith, especially the phenomenology of Husserl and Merleau-Ponty. Generations of students followed are not readily understandable lectures about the Oudemanhuispoort . In later years he confined himself in his lectures more and more to social psychology. When Duijker in 1981 as a retired professor, was the psychological lab already moved to the Weesperplein, but not to the current location on the Roetersstraat. Duijker was a member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences. During twenty years in his honor called "Duijker lectures" held.

AffiliationsDuijker addition to his professorship numerous positions, including chairmanship of the Dutch Institute of Psychologists of the editorial board of the Dutch Journal for the Psychology of the book series Psychological Monographs and of the Council for guidance. He was honorary member of the Association de Psychologie Scientifique de Langue Fran├žaise and vice chairman of the Executive Committee of the International Union of Scientific Psychology.

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