24 May, 2015

Charles L. Long, Pipe-maker

Charles L. Long better known to his friends as “Chuck” is the owner and pipe-maker of CLLong Pipes. Chuck makes his pipes for the common man to smoke and enjoy. Chuck’s pipes are exquisitely made and very reasonably priced. Chuck started his pipe making in 2011 in a humble 12’x16’ shop to give him something to do. His skill as an artist is phenomenal, he aims to make quality briar pipes at a reasonable price that the common man can afford and that he may better enjoy the pipe. Chuck primarily does custom orders so he does not always have pipes readily available. Don’t feel bad if he doesn’t have a pipe available, contact him and he can discuss making a pipe specifically for you.

I am proud to call Chuck a Friend and Fellow Brother of the Briar. If you would like to see some of Chuck’s great work please check out his website at www.cclongpipes.com.

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