19 April, 2017

Horst Keitel

Horst Keitel was a German actor and synchron .

Keitel received his first engagement as a stage actor in Heiligenstadt in 1946 , where he remained under contract until 1951. Other theaters were Greifswald , Altenburg , Berlin and Hamburg . Keitel also worked extensively for film and television; He gained great popularity, especially through his serial roles. He played in 13 episodes of the series Försterhorn as well as in 39 episodes of the crime series On behalf of Madame the secret service Homer Halfpenny . His best-known role was that of the cheeky lawyer Reginald Prewster as a watchdog of Percy Stuart ( Claus Wilcke ), which he accompanied in 52 episodes during his adventures, whereby he hoped to be included in the exclusive Excentric Club. For the latter, Keitel received a Bambi in silver in 1970.

Keitel also worked regularly as a synchron. He was, among others, the German voice of John Carradine in Jesse James and revenge for Jesse James as well as " Q " ( Desmond Llewelyn ), James Bond's tricks specialist , in Her Majesty's Secret Service . Keitel also worked as a radio playwright (among others in Kleine Hexe Klavi-Klack ).

Horst Keitel was married to Herta Kravina , with whom he was often on the stage together. The couple was found dead on 6th November 2015 in his apartment in Berlin-Charlottenburg. After the police investigation, a joint suicide was issued. 

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