19 April, 2017

Rüdiger Joswig

Rüdiger Joswig is a German actor and synchron .

Joswig became a sought- after actor in the GDR after a schauspielausbildung at the Theaterhochschule in Leipzig and also performed numerous roles in productions of the DEFA and the DFF alongside his theater engagements, including at the state theater Cottbus .

Following an unsuccessful application for leave, Joswig received a ban on employment in the GDR in 1982. In 1987, he was able to leave the Federal Republic of Germany and became known to the general public as a captain Ehlers from the ZDF television series Küstenwache . As a synchron, Joswig gave his voice to Tom Berenger , Gary Oldman and Michael York .

Rüdiger Joswig is the father of four children and since 2003 married with the actress Claudia Wenzel.

Joswig is also a passionate pipe-maker. For this reason, he received the prize of the pipe of the year .

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