30 March, 2012

Hugo Metsers II

Hugo Wilfried Maria Joseph Metsers ( Holly , 1 April 1943 ) is a Dutch actor . He is a son of textile manufacturer and painter Hugo Metsers (1902-1978) and brother of painter and sculptor Guido Metsers (1940).

Masons was mainly in the 70s fame with his role in the erotic movie Blue movie . Hugo Metsers gained international fame in the BRT AVRO television series on the book by Gerard Walschap "A Man of Good Will" as Thijs Glorious as the man who can see no wrong, and pays with his life. In the television Hollands Glorie (1977) he played the lead role (Jan Walker). He also played in the movies splashes , dear boys and Black Book and in the television series The Factory , Without Ernst and spilled the beans . In addition, he starred in many plays . He has also in the television series The Legend of the Bokkerijders had a major role.

Metsers is married to actress Pleuni Rope . From a previous marriage to actress Maartje Seyferth , he has two children, including actor Hugo Metsers (1968). Since his son, also an actor's career to follow are father and son in the publicity sometimes referred to as "Hugo Metsers II" and "Hugo Metsers III".

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