25 May, 2012

Karl Ludwig Grunne

Karl Ludwig Grünne, Earl of Pinchard was an Austrian general .

Karl Ludwig Grünne, only son of Ferdinand Philip Grünne occurred in 1828, the Lancers of his father. In 1838 he was promoted to Major in 1843 to colonel and chief of the court at the same time, Archduke Stephan . 1847 appointed Imperial real Privy Council, took place in August 1848, the appeal to the High Steward, the former Archduke and later Emperor Franz Joseph I on 19 October 1848 he became a Major General, on 2 December 1848 for the first Adjutant General of the now emperor appointed his military office, he became head of that day. In this position Grünne on 12 July 1850 to Lieutenant promoted.

After the defeat of Austria in the Sardinian War , 1859, the discontent of the population and the army set up specially to Grünne, which is representative for the army and the people prevailing esprit de corps that the major changes was not to blame for the outcome of the war there.

With handwritten letter dated 20 October 1859 the Emperor dismissed him from his post as the first Adjutant General in His mercy, ordered him to uno actu Oberststallmeister and awarded him the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Stephen's from. Grünne retained at the request of the Emperor Capitänstelle the Life Guards gendarmerie .

On 22 November 1864 Grünne Graf became the general of the cavalry moved on 23 August 1865 the owner of the No. 1 Lancers .

The office of constable held Grünne colonel, whose health had been attacked in those days, significantly, by 3 November 1875. In retirement he lived (during the summer months) in Baden, near Vienna, in complete seclusion.

From 1883 he was a member of the House of Lords , the upper house of the Austrian Imperial Council , but had to stay away from with regard to his physical condition, many meetings.

Count Grünne was a favorite of Archduchess Sophie was, with strong influence on the young Franz Joseph . The continued recognition by the Griinne bronze house showed, among other things, that both Emperor Franz Joseph I. as well as Crown Prince Rudolf , accompanied by his wife, Stephanie, the patients in each case a house visited them.

After confirmation of the Imperial Court Church (Church of Our Lady, Mary the Glorious) in Baden, near Vienna, the body count was Griinne after Dobersberg transferred, where on 19 June 1884 in the family tomb, the burial took place.

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