12 June, 2012

General Clift Andrus

Clift Andrus was an American United States Army general with the rank of Major General.

Clift Andrus was born on October 12, 1890 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas as a son of army colonel, Edwin Proctor Andrus and his wife Marie Josephine (néé Birdwell). After attending a Shattuck-Saint Mary's in Faribault, Minnesota, Andrus began to study a Civil Engineering at Cornell University. Entered the Army in spring of the year 1912, Andrus was commissioned a Second Lieutenant on 24 April 1912 in 4th Field Artillery Regiment. Then he served as a battery officer in his new regiment at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and after three months was transferred to Fort Russell in Wyoming.

In 1915, Andrus was assigned to the Army Field Artillery School at Fort Sill for additional training.

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