21 June, 2012


Piem, whose real name is Pierre de Barrigue of Montvallon, is a designer "humanistic"

Son of Serge de Barrigue Montvallon, director of the Maison de la Chimie , and Madeleine Champavere, he married Elizabeth Lefebvre in 1947 . He has six children .

One of his children, Thierry, is designer under the pseudonym Barrigue .

A graduate of the National School of Fine Arts and the School Paul Colin , his life was Piem cartoonist and painter .

In January 1945 , he finished the war as "Corporal decorator" in Trier .
From 1947 , he collaborated with Christian Witness and Figaro (until 1981 ). Readers of the Point and Cross could also see his drawings .

Similarly, he defends the journalistic profession by syndicating the SNJ . He is also the creator of the Turlupin, who appeared in some newspapers in strips as Eastern Republican , especially in the 1970s.
It is also passed by the tavern: The head of bacon, the Olympia , Bobino .

He became known to the general public by participating in TV shows The Little Rapporteur ( one thousand nine hundred and seventy-five - 1976 ) and La Lorgnette in 1977 , .

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